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About Photography

This is my Photo Blog. Writing in here will be exclusively about the site and photography in general. All the other stuff will be in the Geek page. So what about photography? Well, the this first bit will be about what this site is for. This has been a much debated topic in my mind and with other people, as any photographer will tell you specialization is key. Basically, what is my niche. If I look at my body of work, nature and landscapes come to the forefront. But I enjoy other forms of photographic content. I have done portraits and products. I started out shooting rock shows and recently fell in love with travel images. So what, if anything, is my specialization? After much, long, debate I decided I got to be me. So for now instead of showing just what I should, I will be sharing a slice of what I have done. I admit this is a bit of an experiment just to see how this "internet" thing goes. I am going to throw up some favorites and a few that I am proud of. I hope you will enjoy them as well. This is also why there is not contact information right now. This will change in the very near future. First off, I will be adding more galleries from my trip around the country soon. Probably consolidating them into a single collection once I have more up. I probably need to punch up this blogs page, since all black is not that exciting. Also you might have noticed that there is a style to this site. Black. I feel that my images look better mounted on black rather then light backgrounds. Others disagree with me, and they could very well be right. The other thing that I might be doing wrong is making my Geek blog visually distinct from the rest of the site. This is deliberate so that my “for fun” page is visual separate from my professional page. Is that bad web design? Maybe, but I reigned it in from what is was. Used to be shocking different, made it seem like a different site. Seeing as this is my very first attempt at web design, please forgive any clunkyness or misplaced graphics. This will be a constant work in progress and I hope to improving the site all the time, with the distinct possibility of winnowing it down to more professional look in the future. So for now take a look and I hope you are happy with what you see. And if you want to read my other, non professional content, feel free to hop on over the my other blog the Geek Speaks. Best wishes: Jeremy Clegg And if anyone is wondering, I shoot Cannon. And since no photographer can stop talking about their equipment... I have a variety of body’s, most recently a 7Dmk2. Lenses: 17-55 2.8; 100 macro 2.8; Sigma 10-20 3.5; a “nifty 50” 1.8; an old 100-300 4.5-5.6; a 100-400 4.5-5.6. I will write up a brief review and commentary on each in the future.

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