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Hello, and welcome to The Geek Speaks. That’s me by the way. First off, I am a photographer. While that does seem obvious, I feel the need to be clear about things. But that is not why we are here. Another definition I would assign to myself would be an old geek, emphasis on old. I am the complete package, as I love science fiction novels, tv, films, read comic books, follow all things space and space travel related and have dived deep into Tolkien lore. And I play games. Lots of games. And I am not particularly talking about video games, some of which I do enjoy. But I do have an extensive collection of board games and Role Playing Games. I play in numerous RPG’s and I run a board game event every week at my local game store. Of which I am an employee. I'm kinda into the scene is what I am trying to get across. Whats the point then I hear you asking. Well, this here blogging post is my attempt to write down some of my extraneous thoughts. I used to write creatively a lot but I just don't make the time anymore. Hopefully this will now change. Of course this first post is part of my launch for my site. I will endeavor to leave technical comments in my other blog, but this page is for the fun. That's why I looks different then the others, and will change as often as I feel It needs too. For example the background is something I have been working on for about 2 months. I took a bunch of photos as background textures, but none really worked to my satisfaction. But I will be here to shoot the breeze, complain about comic characters and review films. Does any of that sound remotely interesting? Well, since you have no idea who I am most likely, probably not. I hope that in the future, after I have stretched my typing muscles, there will be enough content to catch some peoples attention. Seeing as how this is my very first post though, I should say a few words. Uhm...thing is I don’t really have a topic. That’s for the future. Man, this just make me want to start on the next one. Until then, a few recommendations for you. Read the Dresden Files. Amazballs book series. That’s assuming you have read Lord of the Rings already, but that goes without saying. Also, I have found the show Steven Universe has quickly captured my imagination. So, I recommend that as well. There, that should keep you entertained until I write again. I hope you will check back in the future again and again to see what inane ramble I put up on whatever topic. Since this is my first blog I will probably experiment with categories and other setting over time. But as long as I take the time to put some words down on the digital paper...hopefully something good will come of it.

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