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Time is not on my side

So I got a new car, broke my toe, still had some shoots to go on and had to serve jury duty. It's been a busy month. Of course the original idea behind this blog was for me to practice writing again and getting used to typing more frequently. This, I am forced to admit, has been a failure.

Only a hand full of articles after almost a year is not what I would consider prolific. In truth, I have issues with writing. Not with coming up with ideas, but the physical act of putting the letterers down. I have to throw a mental switch in order to type. I often sit and stare straight ahead and think through whole passages, often enjoying what I am coming up with. But when I lean forward to put fingers to keyboard, there is a shift in my mind to actuate that. Often resulting in losing what I was just thinking about. Quite the frustrating.

Case in point the Star Trek Adventures article. This was meant to be a shorter article then the previous, but I got caught up in my differing thoughts on the game. Even when finished, I spent more time then I should have working out what images to insert. Being a photographer I feel the need to put in images, just to break up the wall of text periodically.

And as has been pointed out, running something on the internet is more about continual updates rather than posting the Great American Novel. Not that I lack for content, just sitting down and getting it out is proving to be difficult. I am quite proud of the One Ring article, but Star Trek took too long for too little good content.

Now I am going to try and write more often. That was the point after all. And I just need to get past the distraction. At the moment, what little free time I have is being taken up by playing the new Battletech game. sigh I am an addict here.

But as it is I have to run off to a photo shoot right now. So until next time internet.

May the 4th be with you.

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