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Walking Chicago

Whelp, finally got a new gallery up. Only took...forever. This one was a particularly fun one to shoot since I was striding around in the great windy city of Chicago. It was just me, my feet, and my camera. I do not make any claim that these are my best shots ever, but this was essentially a mini vacation in the middle of my vacation. My train got badly delayed to a truck on the tracks, (Nobody was hurt) and as such I did not make my connection in Chicago. So Amtrak put me up for the night in a hotel, and I then spent the entire next day walking around the city. Turns out, I was there for the Taste of Chicago Festival. Wish I has known since I was planning on hitting a certain BBQ joint that friends had told me about. But when I got there after wondering all over town, it turns out that they were closed for the festival. By then too late to hit the festivities and catch my train. Now this, this is a BIG city. Big as in a whole lot-ta large buildings. Skyscrapers down every street. Streets I might add that are all perfectly straight. As A Bostonian, this much glass and steel all in perfect rows was a little shocking. Not a single cow-path. But it was still a nice walking city. Would have been better if I had noticed the bike stands all over the place. There is a service where you pay a flat fee, and you get a bike for the day. Sigh. I didn’t see that until I was drenched in sweat from walking to and around the lake-shore and back. But for someone stuck in a new city and just moseying around, I am happy with my results. Touristy as they are. I hope you enjoy looking at them as I did processing the images. I doubt sitting a looking at pictures could be nearly as fun as being in the Windy City.

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