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December 27, 2019

So, short and sweet.  I have been posting new images lately and not telling anybody.  Mostly in the South Shore gallery, but some new critters in Nature.

The reasons for the lack of text has been my time looking for work.  This year was not as bad as I had feared, but not as good as I had hoped.  I also might need to switch blogging software since this stuff has been kinda working against me.  No need for details, but that is one of the reasons for the lack of images in my posts of late.  If it all works out then you won't notice a thing except more frequent content.

Also, Apple Corps put out a remaster of Abby Road.  It sounds amazing and I highly recommended it to any Beatles fan.


That is all for now.  Happy holidays everybody and I hope you enjoy the new year.

Jeremy Clegg



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