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  • Jeremy Clegg

We are go for Launch

Finally got a formal launch for the site. Not that makes any difference at the moment, but now I can check out the various settings on different devices. And that is where my first problems begin. I designed this with an off center concept. I prefer imagery that is a little askew as opposed to front and center. Problem is that with web site design, I have only just learned that you really can’t do that with all the different resolution out there. What threw me off was tablets. There is a mobile version of this site, but it only works on Android or Apple phones. And that version does NOT translate to lower resolution tablets. So now I got text and images cramming together on anything below 1080 in width. But, as previously stated, this is a work in progress. So reworking this first, then more content. In addition, I will need to update some of the images to lower res still. Those nice panoramas that start out each gallery kinda take a while to load on some computers. This has definitely been an intense learning process but I hope to have more to say in the near future. And more photography related content rather then boring comments on my newbie web design.

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