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A good Start

My first real post has gone up. All about my favorite TV show, no shame. I have been busy lately so not much work here since then, but soon I will have more. But first I will be altering the comments on the various photos. Quite a few of them are...well, dry. They come across more as a travel log then a good descriptor of said photo. My plan is to be more technical in my comments here. I believe that I will be more comfortable in that situation.

I have had a lot going on this week so might take a little time. But soon, yes soon, I will be adding a new gallery of the trip which will include a consolidation of a travel galleries, with better descriptors. I will be putting up Colorado first since those are done. Then I have to finish and post California and Oregon. Got some nice ones of Mount Hood.

There is more content coming. I have a plethora of material and it's more what to do next and working in the time to produce it. The rest of the changes will be updated regularly without comment. So stay tuned.

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