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Status of the Site

Just an update so that nobody thinks this site died early. I just finished putting up the Colorado gallery. It includes some choice images with comments from my train trip into the Rockies. I might find a few more to put up in the future, and I think I might include camera settings so people can see how they were shot. The goal is to have all the cross-country trip photos in one gallery, broken up into mini galleries. Problem is current site management does not allow for multiple layers of sub-domains. I will probably just link to another page and build from there. Learning as I go. I am also currently working on the next entry for the Geek Speaks. This will be a review of a Role Playing Game, and it is definitely one of my favorites. I also am looking to adding some sort of comments section to one of the blogs or both. Part of the delays is just life interfering. Have a physical issue I am taking care of. There is also the big deal of me getting a new car. Been going over options and prices, this takes up more time than I thought it would. Also, hope to add an E-Mail soon. Mainly pricing and some background stuff I have to work out. If nothing else comes out of all of this, I have learned a valuable lesson. Building and running a website is harder than I thought it would be. But, again, learning as I go. It’s been both fun and tiring to do this, and I am aware that my viewership is not...big. But I appreciate any visitors and again I hope to have more content in the near future.

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