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New Trip to the Vineyard

After over a year, I have finally made a trip back to Martha's Vineyard. My main reason to go, besides the views and food, was to see the new location of the Gay Head Lighthouse. Unfortunately I was not able to get to the lighthouse proper since it was fenced off for new grass.

Also the weather was just the pits. Overcast and raining almost the entire time. Cost of island living as it were. There was only one day that was clear, but the wind was gale strength. With 50 mph gusts hitting me while trying to get these shots. But I got a few I liked, and they are now in the Martha's Vineyard gallery. Not my best, but look good enough. For now.

The other thing is you might have noticed is the overall lack of content for the Geek Speaks. Number of reasons for that, but mostly it is me taking to long to write things. I forgot just how long I take. It's why i stopped writing in the first place. But push on I shall. Also there has been the issue with my car, more in the future, and a change in subject. I was working on a Shadowrun article, but when I am close to a subject it takes that much longer. Recently I have been playing a new game that I feel needs more attention that I will tackle instead. Star Trek Adventures! Lot of fun. Look for that soon.

Also, recently finished the California galleries and will be starting the Montana/Glacier National park stuff next, with Chicago shorty after. Maybe Chicago might come first since there is a lot less to go through. I will see.

Well, until next time.

Jeremy Clegg

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