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Boy have I been lazy

Well, I got something new up. After taking months, sorry. I wrote that quick review over a month ago, but I had problems getting the images. First just getting them from the game and then working them into the text. My blog editor has been not cooperating lately.

The other big new is that the Medieval Starship is closing at the end of the year. That means I have been looking for more work. So, not a lot of Battletech lately as well. I am looking for more photography work. Since I have the time, I am going to try and go for Travel Photography at first. An important mantra for me is you "Cannot succeed if you do not try. "

And yeah, that has been my top priority of late. But, I do have some things planed for here. One is some new galleries of projects I have finished. Only issues is it turns out I can not nest pages within each other. Kinda makes it hard to organize galleries in with bigger projects. Further experimentation is in order.

The other news is I have some board game reviews I have been working on. And...I have already taken some cool shots to go with those games. Looking forward to getting those up. Also, Shadowrun. I am currently running an adventure, so I will have more input into the state of the game.

That's it for now. Thank you for your time and I hope I will be able to entertain you in the near future.

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